How to Have a Successful First Interracial Golfing Date

Golf is a very lovely and elegant sport that has grown in popularity over the last 20 years. People like Tiger Woods have made the sport very popular with people each year falling in love with the sport each year. It is this rise in popularity that has led to the emergence of golf dating apps for people looking to play a round of golf and find interracial love at the same time.


One gets the best of both worlds but once you’ve landed yourself a date and decide to go golfing, there are a few things you need to know for the date to be smooth. Below are some of the things you can do to ensure that you and your date have a lovely time especially if you are of different races.

1. Take things easy

No matter your golfing skills, you should never act if you are taking part in a major tournament. This is not a good look and will put your dare off. The goal of the date is to know the person you’re with, however, you shouldn’t take too long to take shots because your date might get bored. Don’t worry about counting your shots either because quality time should be your main objective here.

At the same time, try not to get overly excited when your date hits a bad or good short. You have to trade carefully here because if you are too encouraging, your date will think you are being too condescending. No one likes to be around people who behave this way and if you have any competitive juices, leave them at home before you meet your date. Be yourself on a golfing date and everything should be ok.

2. Treat your date with respect

Respect goes a long way when you are on a date and it is crucial to treat someone with the respect they deserve. You are not obligated to do anything out of the ordinary, just make sure you respect your date.

If there’s something they don’t feel like doing, don’t force them into anything because people go on a date to have a good experience, not a horrible one. If you and your date finish a hole for example and you’re closer to the flag, you can grab it. It is small little gestures and acts like these that make the biggest difference and create a great impression in the eyes of someone.

3. Have some cash on you

One of the most horrible things you have to do is not have any money on you. Anything can happen on a date and it is important to be prepared for anything. You might need to buy some food at a fancy restaurant for you and your date or pay for a tax. These are the sort of things you need to be ready for and why you need to bring cash with you.

4. Put the phone away

You are not out of the golfing field to play with your phone because you want to know your dare better. Golf as mentioned before is a very lovely and elegant sport because it gives people a chance to show their personalities. You shouldn’t spend the duration of the date scrolling through your phone because it is rude and disrespectful to the person you’re with.

It is ok to check your phone occasionally to text or make a quick call if there’s an emergency but overdoing it will certainly not put you in your date’s good books. If anything, that will be your first and last date with them as they’ll want someone who will want to spend time with them and not have their face down looking at their phone all the time.

5. Carry some drinks and food with you

Since golf is an outdoor sport that is usually played when the weather is nice and hot, the last thing you want is to be hungry and thirsty. Make sure that you pack a few bottles of water and some food for yourself and your date. This will show your date that you planned things ahead of time and care about their well-being.

6. You can try mini golf if you have to

This tip is important if your date has never golfed before because being out on a massive course can be overwhelming for some people. If your date is nervous about the prospect of being out on a big golf course, suggest going to a local mini-golf course. This is a nice easy way to introduce them to golfing plus the games are quicker.

7. Keep your cool

If you are an experienced golfer and your date is not, don’t constantly criticize how they are playing the sport. No one likes to be around someone that is criticizing them all the time. There is nothing wrong with giving advice to someone or pointer to ensure they get better but offering advice on every single shot or swing they make can be annoying and frustrating.

Keep your cool and make their golfing experience a wonderful one and not a horrible one because how you treat your date can be the difference between them wanting a second mixed date or not.

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