How Do I Find Someone To Play Golf With?

Golf is a sport that is not only good for coordination and focus, but also a great sport to play with your friends. It is also a chance to form new friendships, make a new business connection, or even find love! Yes, you can find love on the golf course. When it comes to golf dating and looking for a partner with this similar interest, you have two options. Either you can join a golf club and meet new golfers (and potential life partners) there. However, it is rare to find females at a golf club, and mostly men are there. Nevertheless, you can still come across both male and female golfers if you really try.


The second option is online dating. Thanks to today’s technology, online dating has been spreading across the globe like wildfire! You are bound to find a partner who shares the same interests as you, like golf! There are golf dating websites specifically catered to finding your future partner through the love of golf. Hence, if you are a golfer who is looking to find someone who shares your love of this sport as well, here’s a list of five websites that will help you in your journey of finding love through golf.

1. Golfer Mates

This was the first-ever dating website that was targeted towards single golfers who were looking to find someone to date. Since 2003, this website has brought together single golfers who were in search of a long-term relationship. Moreover, another great thing about this website is that golfers from all over the world can join this website and find the right partner for themselves. Even now, the number of their members increases on a regular basis.

2. Golf Dating Club

The layout of this website reminds you of the golf course itself thanks to the brilliant use of the white and green color tones. There are no misconceptions when it comes to its members’ interests. All of their members, both female and male, are lovers of the sport. They could also be professional golfers, but they just love and look forward to being on that golf course one way or the other.

3. Single Golfers Club

The title of the website speaks for itself. This place is pretty much like an online golf club made especially for the single golfers that are all across the world. Single golfers from seven countries currently have access to their membership, like United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Through this way, golfers can find matches outside their country if they want.

4. Meet Local Golfers

If you are someone who is looking to meet golfers from your local community, then this is the website for you. This golf dating platform is specifically made for single golfers to find one another and who are located within or close to the same area as yours. In order to start, you just enter your age range, your gender, the gender you want to date, and your city plus state. Using this information, the website is going to provide you with all of the local golfers that are single within your area.

5. Date A Golfer

The main aim of this website is to broaden your golfing network. The website offers their basic membership for free and features their latest members’ profiles in their New Members area of their homepage. Moreover, this website also helps in narrowing down the search for your special someone by providing various search filters, such as age, gender, location, appearance, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, education, and so much more.

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