Fitness Singles Review 2022

Fitness Singles is a dating site specifically designed for fitness singles, or single people who are interested in fitness activities such as sports, jogging, biking, swimming, and more. This fitness dating site is designed to help people find likeminded matches through the creation of personal profiles, exchanging messages, and more. The site currently has about 2 million members and growing.

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Fitness Singles offers both free and paid memberships for its fitness dating site. Registration for Fitness Singles is straightforward and easy. All you need to do to sign up is provide your email address, create a username and password, and then fill out a basic information section about yourself. This section includes criteria such as your age, gender, location; as well as more detailed information, including occupation. However, you can choose to “rather not say” certain profile options, if you would prefer to keep that information provide.

Unique to Fitness Dating is the requirement that you choose three different fitness activities to display on your profile, with a self-measured fitness skill rating to go along with them. There are a nearly endless number of fitness activities to choose from, so you are sure to find your fitness niche no matter the type of fitness activities you prefer.
You can optionally choose to write a biography about yourself which will be displayed on your profile, but you don’t have to go beyond the basic profile preferences if you don’t want to do so. Before registration is finished, you will need to upload a profile photo.

If you want a paid membership, you will be asked to choose a subscription and provide payment information. Paid membership subscription tiers include: 1 month for $39.99; 3 months for $21.99 per month; 6 months for $14.99 per month; and 12 months for $9.99 per month.


Fitness Singles has numerous features designed to make finding potential matches easy, fun and exciting. Some of these features are limited to paid memberships only while others are available to all members.

Features available to both basic/free members and paid members are:

  • Create a profile with an optional biography and the ability to upload 1 profile photo
  • Browse-feature lets you browse through membership profiles to see who interests you, and who is currently online
  • “Save” function lets you put pins on profiles you find interesting so you can revisit them
  • Basic search function lets you find other users based on basic preferences and criteria
  • Community chatroom
  • View matches provided to you based on how compatible your preferences are

Features that are available only to paid members include:

  • Private messaging with other members
  • Ability to upload photo galleries restricted to specific users
  • Access to the advanced search engine which lets you search by more detailed criteria
  • Send and receive emails with other members

Pros and Cons

As with any online dating site, there are some pros and cons to using Fitness Singles for your online fitness dating experience.


  • Fitness-oriented profiles let you see at a glance what fitness activities other users are interested in—and how skilled they consider themselves to be at those activities
  • Simple website is easy to navigate and use
  • Site accepts Paypal for subscriptions, meaning you won’t have to provide credit card information
  • Anyone can view public photo galleries, as long as they aren’t set to private/exclusive to certain users
  • Detailed profile and preferences let you find matches with more specific criteria
  • Emphasis on finding “fitness buddies” makes it more likely you’ll get interested matches
  • Quality Assurance team routinely checks photos and profiles for suspicious activity; you can report users you suspect to be fake/spam/scammers and the moderation team will get on it right away


  • Features for free/basic members are rather limited, which isn’t ideal if you don’t want to pay for a subscription
  • No mobile app or mobile website means the site isn’t optimized for mobile devise such as smart phones and tablets (though it’s still accessible on them)
  • New features are added infrequently


Fitness Singles has effective privacy features that allow you to keep most of your personal information completely provide. Your real name, email address, and payment information will never be revealed to other users, unless you choose to do so privately or you use your real name as your username. If you are a paid member who has their own photo gallery, you can choose to make the gallery private to paid members only or even private to specific members. This gives you greater control over who can—and can’t—see your photos. You also have the ability to block members, which will not only block them from contacting you, but will make it so they can’t see your profile as well.

Editor’s Verdict

Fitness Singles is primarily designed for active singles who are interested in people with similar dedication to fitness-based activities. The website itself looks professional, is easy to use, and although there is no mobile-friendly version or a corresponding app, the site can still be accessed via your mobile devices. It is easy to navigate, even for people who are new to using online dating sites or online sites in general.

The site has basic dating site features, including the ability to browse profiles, create custom profiles with preference settings, and search for matches based on different levels of criteria. The site’s detailed profiles, including 3 skills and skill level displays, allow you to get a better sense of your potential match at a glance. However, private messaging is restricted to paid members, so free members may find themselves frustrated at the low levels of communication available without a paid subscription.

Overall, Fitness Singles is an ideal dating site for people interested in fitness dating who are willing to spend a little extra money for private messaging and other features that are exclusive to paid members. The emphasis on physical activities and finding fitness buddies while searching for matches makes it perfect for singles who are interested in finding a true “fitness match” out there on the dating scene.

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