Golf Dating Club Review 2022

GolfDatingClub is a golf dating site that is designed specifically with golfers and golf-lovers in mind. This unique dating site will help single golfers and golf aficionados find dates and hopefully even the long lasting relationship of their dreams. Like other dating sites, GolfDatingClub has features that will help users find potential matches, make connections, and develop relationships with other users based on their interests, preferences, and overall compatibility.



GolfDatingClub offers both a free membership and a premium paid membership. Registration for both memberships is straightforward: you will be required to provide an email, username, and some personal information including your name, age, gender, and general location. Towards the end of the registration process, you will be prompted to create your profile. Your profile should include information about yourself—such as hobbies, interest in golf, and so on. You can also upload a photo or a video to your profile.

If you are going for a premium membership, you will then be asked if you want to make your paid membership purchase. There are currently several tiers of paid membership, including: 3-day trial membership for $6.38; 30-day membership for $23.85; and 90 day membership for $32.01. If you do not cancel before the end of your 3-day trial membership, you will automatically be enrolled in a 30-day membership. Both the 30-day and 90-day memberships are reoccurring, so you will need to manually cancel them if you want to stop payments.


Golfers who use GolfDatingClub will find that the site has a number of features which are frequently found on dating sites. These features can vary depending on whether or not you have a basic membership or a free membership.

Both basic and premium paid members will have access to the following features:

  • Mobile-friendly website
  • Send “flirts” to other members
  • Receive “flirts” from other members
  • Use of the basic search engine to find potential matches which includes narrowing down results by gender, age, users with photos only, and users who are currently online
  • Block function to block users you are not interested in
  • Customize profile with your personal information and a photo
  • Photo moderation cuts down on the number of spam accounts and fake accounts

Only premium paid members will have access to the following features:

  • Advanced search engine to narrow down potential matches by more advanced criteria
  • Access to community chat rooms for group interaction
  • Private chat room creation for when you want to talk to someone without adding them to your contacts
  • Send and receive instant messages from other users that you add to your contact list
  • Upload videos to your account
  • Send videos to other members
  • Video chat function
  • Add private photos viewable only to specific members of your choosing

Pros and Cons

As with any dating site for golfers, there are both pros and cons to using GolfDatingClub to find potential dates online. Some of these pros and cons can vary depending on whether or not you have a free account or a paid account with the site.


  • Well-designed website looks professional, fun, and is easy to use even for beginners
  • Mobile-friendly website is easily accessible from your smart phone or tablet
  • Community chatroom lets you find more potential dates and simply chat with likeminded individuals
  • Advanced search engine lets you find matches based on all sorts of compatibility characteristics
  • Video functions allow you to send and receive videos for more personal touches
  • Privacy settings on photos let you set “locks” that allow only certain users to see them
  • Inexpensive trial period lets you get an idea of premium membership before spending your money
  • Photo moderation cuts down on fake accounts and spam accounts, making it less likely you’ll be “catfished”


  • Basic membership has limited functions, making it less than ideal for making dates
  • Basic members cannot hide their photos, so they can be viewable to anyone who views the site
  • The site was founded in 2017 and doesn’t have an extensively larger user base yet
  • 30-day membership is costly


GolfDatingClub protects your private information by allowing you to hide your email and detailed contact information from the public. However, users who are looking for the utmost privacy and secrecy may want to shy away for a simple reason: you cannot hide your name or profile photo no matter what type of membership you have, which means that anyone who signs up for the site could potentially see your profile. You can add privacy settings for additional photos that you upload, if you are a premium member; premium members can “lock” photos and limit their viewership to specific members.

Editor’s Verdict

Overall, GolfDatingClub is an ideal dating site for golfers who are interested in finding people who love golf just as much as they do. The website is pleasing to the eye, easy to use, and thankfully has a mobile-friendly option that makes it perfect for using on your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. The website’s navigation will be especially easy to use for first-time online daters due to its intuitive layout.

The features available to members of GolfDatingClub should satisfy just about anyone interested in online dating, however, the features available to free members are rather limited. Users who are interested in getting the full online golfer dating experience should upgrade to premium memberships, since they will be able to access the community chatrooms, instant messaging services, video features, and more.

One potential significant downside to GolfDatingClub is the inability to hide your name and profile photo, which means that anyone who is uncomfortable with their name and photo being accessible to anyone on a dating site will want to steer clear. However, the site does give you advanced privacy options for photos if you sign up for a premium membership, so you can keep any photos (except your profile photo) locked down to specific people.

Overall, GolfDatingClub is an ideal site for golfers interested in joining the online dating scene. Users should strongly consider purchasing a paid membership if they want to take advantage of the site’s many features, however, since free accounts are limited.

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